a Nunchucks music review: The Trillions (RVA)

The Trillions is my favorite band.  My admiration matches my jealousy of this band.  One day they will be buhjillionaires and will thus need to change their name to the buhjillions.   No one else these days (that i know of) is composing smart, guitar-centric, pop-sensible music with infectious hooks the way The Trillions do it. 

Though it can sound like “merely” well written pop music to the layman ear, musicians will be able to pick out classical methods being applied to modern rock while, somehow, and at no point, ever sounding pretentious.  There is never a boring bassline; always melodic and appropriate. There are sweet guitar solos, sweet dual guitar call & response, and ‘guitarmonies’, and while doing all that other great stuff, the bastards sing in beautiful vocal harmony one with another with cheeky, witty, fun lyrics to boot.  It is the smartest, funnest, and most rockingest music that I know of at this moment. 

I hate these guys.  I ❤ The Trillions.   You should BUY their debut LP “Tritones” (Worthless Junk Records) because it’s the best music you’ll find in its genre today. 

photo by nick ghobashi


Anthony Soltes, Jr. (ron)


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