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Mini retrospective and reflection on recording the Eat your moneys EP

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I just got done listening to preproduction tracks that Nunchucks did in preparation to record our Eat your moneys EP .  It was a nice trip down memory lane of a recording session that took FOREVER, at times seeming like we would actually NEVER finish.  It’s always interesting to see the progression of songs, how they evolve, the different parts that were written early in the writing process versus what was recorded, the changing or editing of lyrics and backing vocals/gang vocals, and the solos that John did on the demos/preproduction v. the final versions of the solos.

Recording Eat your moneys was an exausting, expensive, frustrating, yet very fulfilling process.  From the preproduction, to the tracking, to getting laid off and not knowing how I was going to pay for the recording, to Ampersand Sound needing to move operations 3 or 4 times, to starting as a full length LP and ending as a six-song EP, to getting Dan Long to mix and master it, and finally….being able to order and sell our debut album, Nunchucks and Ampersand Sound put blood, sweat, tears and a shit load of time into this product, and THANKFULLY, we finished and made a project that I believe everyone involved is proud of. 

The preproduction for next year’s record is already underway with new songs that we are all very excited about.  Some of these new songs are being recorded by John (lead guitar) on his reel-to-reel tape machines.  The recordings sound great so far. Stay tuned for postings of new song demos!

-Anthony Soltes, Jr. (ron)


THIS FRIDAY! Warchild/Nunchucks/Sistered @ Rock & Roll Hotel.

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If you don’t go to this show it’s because you hate fun and awesomeness. 

check out:



An awesome show at DC9 last night! Thanks for a fun evening!

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Last night’s show was AWESOME!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night! The place wasn’t SUPER packed, HOWEVER,  those who came out, came to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the fading weekend.  BIG thanks to everyone that was out there shakin’ a leg and gettin’ down and reminding us that NOT ALL D.C. audiences stand around and stare when upbeat, energetic rock&roll is being played (that is, without having to be remixed, mashed up, and regurgitated via some DJ).  What a fun, energetic, kickass show! 

To the guy that danced alone all nite until everyone joined him: you rule!  We need more of your kind!!!

Also to our one CD sale to the cute girls from Quebec, merci beaucoup et bon voyage!!!

Some pics of last nite:

(photos: Rebecca Bevans)

Next up, Richmond, VA: Nunchucks/The Trillions part II