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All analog. All new. NUNCHUCKS demos!!! have a listen…

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This is one of our newest songs, Solid Gold Eagle, recorded at John’s (our lead guitarist) studio. 

Eddie Guerrero Electrico is also one of our newest tunes. It is currently an instrumental, but will have a version with lyrics as well. Here is the instrumental!



A big ‘FUCK YOU!’ to…

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…the person that outbidded me for WeAreNunchucks dot com (which was previously ours).  You are the scum of the earth.  You are lesser than the flies that hang out on pieces of shit.  You should surrender the URL to the rightful owners you fucking shit sucking ass tweaking cum bag of shame.  Why the fuck would anyone else want that URL?  You think I’m going to pay some exhorbitant amount of $$$ for it?  Please go jump out of the highest building that is nearest to your location (just make sure to surrender this URL before plummeting to your DOOM.  You are a shit stain mixed with twat juice and blood.  I hope you  have explosive diarrhea for the rest of your worthless life you ass tweaker.  You fucking dick doctor.  You fucking cum cannibal.  You fucking cock hugger.  Please take in consideration the following:

  1. eat shit…
  2. …and die. 









New Shows added. Updated Pages. Look around…have fun.

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SAoxhl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I’m starting to get re-obsessed with .gifs — maybe it’ll pass, maybe it won’t.  Check out the pages;  I’ve been doing some updating and what not. 

Our Eat your moneys EP is now available at our local record store
, so go buy one!


Not a WHOLE lot going on in Nunchuckland at the moment, though this is probably the calm before the storm.  We’re planning on being very busy this Fall 2011: scattered mini-tours, Pre-production of the next album, a music video, and NEW Nunchucks t-shirts.  It’s gonna be bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzy…

Photos of Nunchucks at 9:30 club (w/Slickee Boys, the Factory)

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Check out more pix of this show by clicking here:

Nunchucks featured on Spaniard Music Blog “Power Pop Action!”

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The Spaniard music blog, “Power Pop Action!”  has ‘highlighted’ our album, Eat your moneys EP on their blog and briefly describe it as “…el excelente debut powerpopero del grupo de Washington NUNCHUCKS…” (“…excellent powerpop debut of NUNCHUCKS from Washington [D.C.]…). 

Para ustedes que hablan/léen español, deberian conocer este blog, pues conocerán un montón de nuevas bandas MUY guay (digo, nuevas para tí, no necesariamente ‘nueva’)  y podrán leer una variedad de entrevistas y reseñas, así que  ¡ándate al Power Pop Action!   ¡Vale PPA!   Y no me olvido de mencionar los chicos del foro de PPA que han dicho cosas tan buenas de nuestra música.