Blogchucks: Nunchucks enter the wierd world of Blogdom

Well…without all of the bells and whistles that a blog could have, here is the official launch of!!! I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m going to do with it, but I figure I might as well get it started. Other than featuring Nunchucks’ music, videos, pictures, show dates, lyrics, etc., I hope to give listeners/readers a closer look into the music, the songwriting process,old recordings, new demos, and a closer look at each individual member. I also would like to feature other bands, local & otherwise, that Nunchucks likes and possibly interview them and play a song of theirs with them. Ideas, ideas, ideas!!! More than anything, this will be another way for me to promote good, honest music; both our own and music that we feel should be brought out to the light or simply recognized. We’re no authority on music, just a bunch of guys with opinions like anyone else. So….here goes nothing!!!


2 Responses to “Blogchucks: Nunchucks enter the wierd world of Blogdom”

  1. You guys need to make a weird and thought provoking music video (but not TOO thought provoking), or make a video of just beautiful and young people having a really fucking good time in slow motion and high definition (ANYONE can look great in right lighting and in high definition with high quality camera), then blow it up on Vimeo and Youtube. Then you guys need to get a Twitter and get like 500,000 followers, which you can achieve by following shit ton of people, then UNfollow people who don’t follow you back (you can do this by using unfollow sites). Also whilst that is going on, You also need to follow shit ton of people on SoundCloud, then get shit ton of people to follow YOU, then get people to comment on your songs, and remove negative comments, actively reply to most comments and say thanks to almost everyone who follow you.

    Good luck guys, keep on rocking. Making music in 2011 is WEIRD.

    • A video is definitely my next project! This is all very good advice. I’m a late bloomer: late to blog, late to soundcloud, late to making a music video, but I’m getting there! And, yes!, making music in 2011 IS WIERD!!!

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